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I wanted to install a local GIT server on windows so I went to tortoise GIt but the installation guide link to Copssh is no longer valid, The Copssh has turned it into commercial,

So I'm actually beginner, and I have only been using Git as a client for a while, and I wanted to have a local repository on another computer in a local network, the OS is Windows 7.

during the writing of this question, I've done a small trick I went to this question and looked over the latest answer and found this git server called, It looks neat but I don't know yet if it will also require copssh or what,

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Disclamer : I am the gitstack founder.

GitStack works out of the box and does not require copssh (or any other stuff). GitStack authentication has been implemented using apache so a simple username/password will work (no need to generate a ssh key).

You will be able to use your regular git client to connect to your git server.

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I've used GITstack at the end and it works just fine for a local network, thanks alot for such amazingly simple tool, please don't stop and try to add some features, cheers – Ismail Marmoush Feb 27 '12 at 12:15

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