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In notepad++,when I select a word, all the same word is highlighted, but it's sometimes hard to find next word if the text is too long. I can use the Ctrl+F3 to search for the next match word, However the other words containing the desired word is also found as the result. For example:

/********foo  **********/
if(scroll){/***** dsferaga#%$R&*^%*&^*********/}

when I select "scroll","scroll" in the first and forth line will be highlighted,but not the "scrollSpeed".when I want to jump to the next "scroll",I use Ctrl+F3 and It went to the "scrollSpeed" in the second line.

Is there an proper shortcut for that?

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Open the Find dialog (Ctrl+F) and tick the "Match whole word only" checkbox. The next time you use Ctrl+F3 that option will still be active.

Tested on version 5.8.1.

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I believe you need to set whole word only option

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no,using serch panel is too inconvenient,I want an shortcut to find the next word match the current word –  Guan Yuxin Feb 18 '12 at 13:31

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