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here's my question, i'm developing a personal website that has a huge animation in the background, with clouds moving around in an infinite loop. Everything is done with jquery extended with jquery timers and sprites. | First it fills out the cloud starting position matrix (random) | it set's the actual position of each cloud. | start moving the clouds with .animate() function and start a timer to fire again that animation until the clouds reach the left border. | repeat forever :)

Anyway this method consume a "little" memory and CPU, i'm trying to optimize the code, and i was wondering if there's a method to call a function when the browser switch to a different page, to stop the animation.


Plus, if anyone would help in optimizing code, i will appreciate so much! :) I'll post the link to the website if anyone could help with that. Thanks Again


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First, make sure you animate a single DOM-element, not a bunch of individual clouds. Put your clouds into a container and move the latter.

Second, take a look at CSS3 transitions. They are much smoother (GPU-accelerated), than JavaScript-based animation. Also, super-easy to learn and use. Just describe a CSS class and add it to your clouds upon initial position setting.

As for the determining if the browser tab is in the background, requestAnimationFrame, used by jQuery as animation ticker which is a 60 FPS ticker, can do that for you automatically.

It appears, jQuery is no longer using requestAnimationFrame (they used to at some point, but then removed it). So, here's an animate function employing requestAnimationFrame (with a setTimeout shim for IE) you can steal ideas from (or just grab the function itself).

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You could listen to the window's blur and focus events:

$(window).on('blur', function() {
    // window went into background, stop animations here
    // ...

$(window).on('focus', function() {
    // window became active, start animations here
    // ...
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