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Does anyone know good URLs/Sites/mailing lists to track the current implementation progress of C++0x features in MSVC and GCC?

BTW: Yes I know there is boost but because I'm also very interested in the new language features I only want to know the progress in MSVC and GCC (as those are the two compilers we use for our projects).

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This is pretty good: http://wiki.apache.org/stdcxx/C++0xCompilerSupport

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Very comprehensive and absolutely what I wanted! –  Rüdiger Stevens Jun 25 '09 at 16:18

Well, for GCC it's obviously this page. I couldn't find anything for MSVC, though.

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Herb Sutter had a blog post recently about VS10 Beta, this doesn't give you progress reports but another blog I saw said that VS10 Beta is 90% feature complete (I don't remember which) so I don't suppose there will be much new after this for the 2010 version.

Herb lists the following:

Since this answer was originally written they've added support for nullptr

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Unfortunately this does not list the C++0x features that are already implemented in VS2008. –  Rüdiger Stevens Jun 5 '09 at 9:54

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