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Colleagues, I have the divs:

<!-- question 0 -->
<div id="question 0">
<!-- stars -->
<div class="1 ratings_stars"></div>
<div class="2 ratings_stars"></div>
<div class="3 ratings_stars"></div>
<div class="4 ratings_stars"></div>
<div class="5 ratings_stars"></div>
<!-- text -->
<div class="question_text">
What do you think about us ?


I'm looking for smart jquery expression to set defined class to div "Question 0" in such way: I read values, for example, 3 from cookies and therefore I have to change the class in div 1, div 2, div 3. - this is rating for question.

I understand that I can write DOM-handling code to set it, but, may be, there is good cute solution in jquery?

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First, the space in id is forbidden. Change it to a hyphen, - or underscore, _.

You can use the .slice method to reduce the selected set of stars:

var stars = 3; // From cookie?
var $div = $('#question-0');
$div.children('.rating_stars').slice(0, stars).addClass('rating-color');
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Yeeeh, it works! And looks fine!Thanks!! –  Eugene Shmorgun Feb 18 '12 at 14:41
@Eugene If you do not have/need an existing reference to the question div, you can use the child selector instead of the .children() method: $('#question-0 > .rating_stars').slice(0, stars).addClass('rating-color');. –  Rob W Feb 18 '12 at 14:44

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