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I have installed cdt-master-6.0.2.zip (link) to my Eclipse by extracting it to the Eclipse installation dir. I'm using Eclipse 3.5 in Windows 7 x86 machine. But the plugin doesn't show up when I start Eclipse (I can't create a new cpp project). Yet cdt shows up in Help > About Eclipse SDK > About Eclipse SDK Features. What am I missing here?

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To install plug-ins into Eclipse you should always prefer using the user interface through Help > Install new software menu.

Anyway if you really want to install plug-ins manually into your Eclipse installation, you have to place them into the dropins folder. BUT this way you will have to resolve plug-in dependencies by yourself. If all dependencies are not satifsied, the concerned plug-ins will fail to start silently. This is why you should REALLY prefer to use the standard plug-in installation method to avoid any problem.

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