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Why doesn't post work? This works ok:

function validateEmail($element) {
    var val = $.trim($element.val());
    if (!isRequired(val)) {
                                              .find("div.label label")
                                              .replace("*", "")))
    else {
        if (!isValidEmailAddress(val)) {
            module.showError($element, translate_error_email)
        else {
            if (!checkUserName) {
                module.showError($element, translate_error_usedemail)
            else {

and this doesn't work, may be since post doesn't work because variable user_name doesn't get passed to checkuser.php.

function checkUserName(checkuser){
        var user_name = $("#add-email").val();
        $.post("checkuser.php", {user_name: checkuser} , function(data){            
            if (data != '' || data != undefined || data != null){                  
                return true;

this checkuser.php code works ok but I don't know why it doesn't get user_name

<?php include('../connect.php');
      $query  = mysql_query("select Email from members limit 1");           

      if($numrow['Email']== $username){
           echo 'false'; 
            echo 'true';

this code work

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can u show the HTML you working on? –  frictionlesspulley Feb 18 '12 at 15:58
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1 Answer

if(!checkUserName) is not a function call, and you are not passing it your variable. Instead you should be:

if(!checkUserName(val)) { ... }
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Thanks! I forget it, but after adding val the post variable don't pass and –  Nguyen Feb 18 '12 at 16:16
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