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I have a problem here with the jQuery UI Slider plugin. What I'm trying to accomplish is that if there is not a value for the slider in the database, that means there has been no rating yet, so I want to display something like "No value" or "Nil" or something. The problem is that if that value is not an integer, I cannot move the slider handle. You can view a DEMO HERE.

Why is this happening, any idea what am I doing wrong, why can't I move the slider if the value is not a valid integer.

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It's quite simple. As the docs for the slider say, the value parameter has to be a number and you have "--". Make your value 0 or just nothing (e.g. "") jsFiddle example.

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jQuery slider works based on integer values. What do you want to do when the slider is "not an integer"?

Check out the below code to stay at 0 if it is not a number,

function getSliderVal ($this) {
    var val = $this.val();
    return isNaN(val)?0:val;

and in the value param,

    value: getSliderVal (theSlider1.find("input[id=slider-value-1]")), 

    value: getSliderVal(theSlider2.find("input[id=slider-value-2]")),  


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My suggestion is to associate a number (e.g. -1) with the "No value" state and have some JavaScript logic to help you obtain what you want:

    range: "min", 
    min: -1, 
    max: 10, 
    slide: function(event, ui){
        var value;
        if(ui.value == -1)
            value = "--";
            value = ui.value;

    create: function(event, ui){
        $(this).slider("value", $(this).find("input.slider-value").val()); // value of the slider handle

    <p style="color:green;"><b>Slider can be moved</b></p>

    <div class="slider"><br/>
        <input class="slider-value" type="text" value="3" style="text-align: center;" />


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