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I need to test an input field (<input type="text" />) against this regex:


This obviously is no easy task as I cannot use " inside the attribute. Using the quot entity does not seem to work as it gets interpreted literally by the regex engine.

How can I accomplish this?

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The HTML5 @pattern attribute regex is based on JavaScript regex, so you can use hexadecimal notation or unicode notation for that char as you would in JavaScript:

" = \x22 OR \u0022
' = \x27 OR \u0027

So that you can easily use


TADA! No JavaScript libraries involved! ;)

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Try using a js framework such as JQuery or PrototypeJS

then you can say

onchange=(function() {...});

you can follow how to use regex on jQuery through this thread: Regular expression field validation in jQuery

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if you have a HTML5 Browser you can write

<input id="ipt_my_field" type="text" name="my_field_name" pattern="[^'"]+" 

and you need prepare for dont capable browsers with Modernizer with some like this

if(!Modernizr.input.pattern) {
    var input = document.getElementById("ipt_my_field");
    input.addEvent('onblur', function(ip){
        if(ip.value.match(/[^'"]+/)) {
          // is a good
        } else {
          // is a bad
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