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I've one appwidget class and I need to create few widgets but each of them must storage other data set in WidgetConfigure. Clicked widget should show activity with this data. I save my data to shared preferences and read it in widget, but if i try add next widget, it override existing data. How can i do that? I was tried something like that

configEditor.putInt("a"+mAppWidgetId, a_num); //it's in widgetconfigure class
int a = config.getInt("a"+mAppWidgetId, 0); //widget class

I've no idea how to solve it. After update all widget contain the same data.

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Actually, you're right. If you need to store different values for different widget instances you should append id value of the widget to the key. A possible way how to do this is described in the book Pro Android 3.

But if you want to store only one integer there is other way to do this. Look here for more details.

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Thank you, I have to buy it :) Now I was using Pro Android 2 :P –  Evelan Feb 19 '12 at 13:04

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