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Hi i am using WCF RIA services class in Silverlight.

I do have a line chart control named mcChart in which i have bound the item source to Date and Amount properties of class customer.

public class Customer
      public DateTime Date{ get; set; }
      public int Amount{ get; set; }    

I do have this method through WCF ria domain service class to access the sql table gardenwater{Id, Date, Amt}:

public IQueryable<gardenwater> GetGardenwaters()
            return this.ObjectContext.gardenwaters;

Now i want to store the data in List<Customer> cust = new List<Customer>(); so that it can be shown in the chart.

I have tried like this :

EntityQuery<gardenwater> inquery = from c in wdc.GetGardenwatersQuery()
                                   select new { Date =Convert.ToDateTime(c.Date), Amount =Convert.ToInt32(c.usedwater) };

and then

foreach (var gardenWater in inquery )
                cust.Add(new Customer() { Date = Convert.ToDateTime(gardenWater.Date), Amount = Convert.ToInt32(gardenWater.usedwater) });

 mcChart.DataContext = cust;

Doing all the above i am not able to get any good results.

I want to display the data through storing SQL table data in Class properties.

Please suggest me what can i do or what mistakes i am doing ?

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I got it resolved by now...i can use following

            private ContextName context;
            private LoadOperation LoadGardenWater;
            private void GetGardenWater()
                context = new ContextName();
                var query = context.GetGardenWaterQuery();
                LoadGardenWater = context.Load<GardenWater>(query);
                LoadGardenWater.Completed +=new EventHandler(LoadGardenWater_Completed);

            void LoadGardenWater_Completed(object sender, EventArgs e)
                List<Customer> cust = new List<Customer>();
                if (LoadGardenWater.Entities != null || LoadGardenWater.Entities.Count()> 0)
                    foreach (GardenWater item in LoadGardenWater.Entities)
                        cust.Add(new Customer()
                            Amount = Convert.ToInt32(item.Amount),
                            Date = Convert.ToDateTime(item.Date)
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