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I'm looking for a simple PHP-based download or "request" script that works in a fashion of download.php?file=zip.php

Ideally the page would say "you are requesting .zip" then wait five seconds before downloading file. Is this possible?

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Only because this is easy, I will write the codes but SO is not for that, just if you have a bugg with your previously-written code.

    $filename = $_GET["file"];
        echo "You are downloading ".$filename;
        echo "<script type='text/javascript'>top.location='".$filename."';</script>";
        echo "You havent selected a file to download";

Imagining the URL is download.php?file=hohoho.zip it would output:

You are downloading hohoho.zip
<script type='text/javascript'>top.location='hohoho.zip';</script>
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When you write a page in php, it's fully executed by the time the client receives it. You could write some kind of wait function in JavaScript that runs on the client machine and then fetches the download.

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You can do this with $_GET[] variable php. This maybe helpful to you

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