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This is somehow a follow-up question to my previous one: How to achieve organisation of test suites and cases with Boost?

The directory structure is as stated in the other question and I'm following the therein described organisation of the Boost.Test cases as well.

However, I'm struggling with getting everything to work with CMake.

My tests/CMakeLists.txt is as follows:

# tests/CMakeLists.txt
# Add the test sources
set(test_SOURCES ${PROJECT_SOURCE_DIR}/tests/TestRunner.cpp)

# Add test cases

# Include Boost and program's sources (find_package has been executed before)

# Create the tests
add_executable(MyProgramTests ${test_SOURCES})

# Link agains Boost libraries
target_link_libraries(MyProgramTests ${Boost_LIBRARIES})

and tests/model/CMakeLists.txt says:

# tests/model/CMakeLists.txt

# Add test cases to the list

In src/model/CMakeLists.txt I've just written:

set(model_SOURCES ${PROJECT_SOURCE_DIR}/src/model/model_a.cpp)

How do I have to include the src/model/model_a.cpp in my tests/model/model_a_test.cpp so the compiled finally finds it? I tried with #include "src/model/model_a.cpp", #include "model/model_a.cpp" and even just #include "model_a.cpp". In all cases the model_a.cpp could not be found.

I'm pretty sure, I'm missing something in the CMakeLists files. But what?


I finally solved it by adding the program's source directory ${PROJECT_SOURCE_DIR}/src/model to the include_directories command in tests/CMakeLists.txt. With this, #include "model_a.cpp" should be used.

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It looks like you're missing a PARENT_SCOPE in order to bring the value of ${model_SOURCES} up from src/model/CMakeLists.txt into tests/model/CMakeLists.txt

Try using

set(model_SOURCES ${PROJECT_SOURCE_DIR}/src/model/model_a.cpp PARENT_SCOPE)
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Thanks for your answer. However, that did not helped. But by fiddling around with your solution, I tried what I described in the edit of my question. As your answer led me to rethink the way I'm including my sources, I'll accept your answer. –  Torbjoern Feb 18 '12 at 23:44

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