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I have a cache file with an array of user agents.

When i print each user agent out, this is what it looks like:

@^Mozilla/5\.0 \(.*Linux i686.*\) AppleWebKit/.* \(KHTML, like Gecko\).*Chrome/6\..*Safari/.*$@ 
@^Mozilla/5\.0 \(X11; U; Linux.*; .*; rv\:1\.9\..*\) Gecko/.* Firefox/.* Maemo Browser 1\.7\..*$@ 
@^Mozilla/5\.0 \(.*Linux i686.*\) AppleWebKit/.* \(KHTML, like Gecko\).*Chrome/7\..*Safari/.*$@ 
@^Mozilla/5\.0 \(.*Linux i686.*\) AppleWebKit/.* \(KHTML, like Gecko\).*Chrome/8\..*Safari/.*$@ 
@^Mozilla/5\.0 \(.*Linux i686.*\) AppleWebKit/.* \(KHTML, like Gecko\) .*Iron/6\..* Safari/.*$@ 
@^Mozilla/5\.0 \(.*Linux i686.*\) AppleWebKit/.* \(KHTML, like Gecko\) .*Iron/7\..* Safari/.*$@ 
@^Mozilla/5\.0 \(.*Linux i686.*\) AppleWebKit/.* \(KHTML, like Gecko\).*Chrome/9\..*Safari/.*$@ 

ect ect....

Now it looks like these user-agents have been escaped, so I've stripslashes() them.

I've also noticed some invalid characters here (@,^,.*$@), so I've str_replaced() them with nothing.

And the end result:

Mozilla/5.0 (.Linux i686.) AppleWebKit/. (KHTML, like Gecko).Chrome/6..Safari/ 
Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux.; .; rv:1.9..) Gecko/. Firefox/. Maemo Browser 1.7. 
Mozilla/5.0 (.Linux i686.) AppleWebKit/. (KHTML, like Gecko).Chrome/7..Safari/ 
Mozilla/5.0 (.Linux i686.) AppleWebKit/. (KHTML, like Gecko).Chrome/8..Safari/ 
Mozilla/5.0 (.Linux i686.) AppleWebKit/. (KHTML, like Gecko) .Iron/6.. Safari/ 
Mozilla/5.0 (.Linux i686.) AppleWebKit/. (KHTML, like Gecko) .Iron/7.. Safari/ 
Mozilla/5.0 (.Linux i686.) AppleWebKit/. (KHTML, like Gecko).Chrome/9..Safari/

I'm planning to insert these user-agents into a database (already full of hundreds of thousands), and I'm worried they're still invalid in some way that I haven't noticed.

If I do insert these into the DB and they're invalid, I would then have to delete the whole DB, and start all over...

So I don't want to take any risks...

Can you guys spot anything wrong with these user-agent strings?


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List of Chrome UA strings: – hamczu Feb 18 '12 at 22:30
This are all regular expressions of user agents. I assume, that every single of them covers multiple "real" agents at once. Don't know, what you want to achieve, but I assume, that "saving this as user agents" is not, what you want. – KingCrunch Feb 18 '12 at 22:31

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These are regular expressions, not invalid characters. If you simply match the strings against the user agent string, they will not match. They are meant to be matched as regular expressions.

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I see. So how would I match the original user string with one of the regular expressions? or even better, how would I convert them into normal strings? (if possible)..Thanks ;) – user849137 Feb 18 '12 at 23:23
You cannot convert them to simple strings, since the combinations are infinite. Take a look at preg_match(). – rid Feb 18 '12 at 23:25
Right. So preg_match will match my original string with the regular expressions? – user849137 Feb 18 '12 at 23:28
preg_match() will tell if you a certain regular expression matches a string. – rid Feb 18 '12 at 23:29

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