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I am trying to use virtualenv, and virtualenvwrapper, with my Django project. I have installed the django-selectable package in a virtualenv named selectable. My Django project is not in a virtual environment; it is located below my home directory.

I get a message (see below) when I try to run the virtualenvwrapper command setvirtualenvproject. However, to me it appears that the file does exist. What am I doing wrong?

From terminal:

bill@ubuntu:~$ setvirtualenvproject [/home/bill/.virtualenvs/selectable /home/bill/workspace/boatsite]
Setting project for selectable to /home/bill/workspace/boatsite]
bash: [/home/bill/.virtualenvs/selectable/.project: No such file or directory

I want to run my project and have it hit django-selectable in the virtualenv when users enter autocomplete fields in the site's input forms.

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Drop the brackets, run:

setvirtualenvproject /home/bill/.virtualenvs/selectable /home/bill/workspace/boatsite

Instead of:

setvirtualenvproject [/home/bill/.virtualenvs/selectable /home/bill/workspace/boatsite]
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Thanks. Dropping the brackets did it. –  BillB1951 Mar 2 '12 at 13:25

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