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In Windows, the GINA module can be extended to support different ways of authentication. For example, you can already see a support for Fingerprints, Smart Cards, or even Face Recognition (like what Lenovo did with their laptops). What I am trying to achieve is not something as complex as those methods. All what I want is to be able to provide my custom authentication service (i.e My own authentication method at login). Also, I want to know if there is a way to extend the default authentication method (password) so that there is a preprocessing stage of the password before sending it to the Windows Local Authentication Service.

Thank you.

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This MSDN Magazine articles may be able to answer your questions:

Customizing GINA, Part 1

Customizing GINA, Part 2

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I know the question has been answered, but I couldn't help but notice that no mention was made of the replacement of GINA by Credential Providers. Here are a couple links:

Create Custom Login Experiences With Credential Providers For Windows Vista

ICredentialProvider Interface on MSDN

The new way will not work the same way as GINA did.

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additional information to above point:

Windows Vista and later versions of Microsoft Operating systems have replaced Gina with Credential provider's.


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