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I Have found a solution for this problem myself. Any new suggestions are welcome, but there isnt a really a point

I am making a 2d game for iOS using Cocos2d. It is going to be quite a simple game, which involves killing animals (don't worry, they're not nice animals).

I was planning on having it so that it loaded up x numbers of a random type of animal. x gets bigger as the game progresses. Also, most of the animals fly at y speed around the screen. y gets smaller as the game progresses.

CCMoveTo actionWithDuration: y

I was wondering what the best way to make the levels get harder would be. Should I have it so that once the last animal is killed, it adds a certain amount on to x, and decreases the time of y.\

The problem is about using that way of doing things is that some animals are harder to kill than others, for example 10 elephants may be just as hard to kill as 30 mosquitoes. Could I make it so that each different type of animal has different variables (x and y)? If so, how?

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Each type of enemy could be implemented as a class that inherits from a common Enemy base class. The Enemy base class will define x and y variables that could then be overriden by the actual enemy classes so that each enemy can have different values. –  Bill Feb 19 '12 at 0:10
@Bill Thanks, thats an idea ill try to work on. –  akuritsu Feb 19 '12 at 2:17

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