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I'm trying to use the following code:

HRESULT hResult;
IDXGISurface1 *pSurface = NULL; 
hResult = m_flashTexture->QueryInterface(__uuidof(IDXGISurface1), (void**)&pSurface); 
hResult = pSurface->GetDC(TRUE, &hDC);                  

Where drawFrame is...

void CFlashDXPlayer::DrawFrame(HDC dc)
if (m_dirtyFlag)
    IViewObject* pViewObject = NULL;
    m_flashInterface->QueryInterface(IID_IViewObject, (LPVOID*) &pViewObject);
    if (pViewObject != NULL)
        // Combine regions
        HRGN unionRgn, first, second = NULL;
        unionRgn = CreateRectRgnIndirect(&m_dirtyRects[0]);
        if (m_dirtyRects.size() >= 2)
            second = CreateRectRgn(0, 0, 1, 1);

        for (std::vector<RECT>::iterator it = m_dirtyRects.begin() + 1; it != m_dirtyRects.end(); ++it)
            // Fill combined region
            first = unionRgn;
            SetRectRgn(second, it->left, it->top, it->right, it->bottom);
            unionRgn = CreateRectRgn(0, 0, 1, 1);

            CombineRgn(unionRgn, first, second, RGN_OR);

        if (second)

        RECT clipRgnRect; GetRgnBox(unionRgn, &clipRgnRect);
        RECTL clipRect = { 0, 0, m_width, m_height };

        // Fill background
        if (m_transpMode != TMODE_FULL_ALPHA)
            // Set clip region
            SelectClipRgn(dc, unionRgn);

            COLORREF fillColor = GetBackgroundColor();
            HBRUSH fillColorBrush = CreateSolidBrush(fillColor);
            FillRgn(dc, unionRgn, fillColorBrush);

            // Draw to main buffer
            HRESULT hr = pViewObject->Draw(DVASPECT_TRANSPARENT, 1, NULL, NULL, NULL, dc, &clipRect, &clipRect, NULL, 0);
            if (m_alphaBlackDC == NULL)
                // Create memory buffers
                BITMAPINFOHEADER bih = {0};
                bih.biSize = sizeof(BITMAPINFOHEADER);
                bih.biBitCount = 32;
                bih.biCompression = BI_RGB;
                bih.biPlanes = 1;
                bih.biWidth = LONG(m_width);
                bih.biHeight = -LONG(m_height);

                m_alphaBlackDC = CreateCompatibleDC(dc);
                m_alphaBlackBitmap = CreateDIBSection(m_alphaBlackDC, (BITMAPINFO*)&bih, DIB_RGB_COLORS, (void**)&m_alphaBlackBuffer, 0, 0);
                SelectObject(m_alphaBlackDC, m_alphaBlackBitmap);

                m_alphaWhiteDC = CreateCompatibleDC(dc);
                m_alphaWhiteBitmap = CreateDIBSection(m_alphaWhiteDC, (BITMAPINFO*)&bih, DIB_RGB_COLORS, (void**)&m_alphaWhiteBuffer, 0, 0);
                SelectObject(m_alphaWhiteDC, m_alphaWhiteBitmap);

            HRESULT hr;
            HBRUSH fillColorBrush;

            // Render frame twice - against white and against black background to calculate alpha
            SelectClipRgn(m_alphaBlackDC, unionRgn);

            COLORREF blackColor = 0x00000000;
            fillColorBrush = CreateSolidBrush(blackColor);
            FillRgn(m_alphaBlackDC, unionRgn, fillColorBrush);

            hr = pViewObject->Draw(DVASPECT_TRANSPARENT, 1, NULL, NULL, NULL, m_alphaBlackDC, &clipRect, &clipRect, NULL, 0);

            // White background
            SelectClipRgn(m_alphaWhiteDC, unionRgn);

            COLORREF whiteColor = 0x00FFFFFF;
            fillColorBrush = CreateSolidBrush(whiteColor);
            FillRgn(m_alphaWhiteDC, unionRgn, fillColorBrush);

            hr = pViewObject->Draw(DVASPECT_TRANSPARENT, 1, NULL, NULL, NULL, m_alphaWhiteDC, &clipRect, &clipRect, NULL, 0);

            // Combine alpha
            for (LONG y =; y < clipRgnRect.bottom; ++y)
                int offset = y * m_width * 4 + clipRgnRect.left * 4;
                for (LONG x = clipRgnRect.left; x < clipRgnRect.right; ++x)
                    BYTE blackRed = m_alphaBlackBuffer[offset];
                    BYTE whiteRed = m_alphaWhiteBuffer[offset];
                    m_alphaBlackBuffer[offset + 3] = 255 - (whiteRed - blackRed);
                    offset += 4;

            // Blit result to target DC
            BitBlt(dc, clipRgnRect.left,,
                   clipRgnRect.right - clipRgnRect.left,
                   clipRgnRect.bottom -,
                   m_alphaBlackDC, clipRgnRect.left,, SRCCOPY);


    m_dirtyFlag = false;
    m_dirtyUnionRect.left = = LONG_MAX;
    m_dirtyUnionRect.right = m_dirtyUnionRect.bottom = -LONG_MAX;

I also should mention that I set up m_flashTexture using the following:

D3D11_TEXTURE2D_DESC textureDesc;                  
ZeroMemory(&textureDesc, sizeof(textureDesc));                  
textureDesc.Width = width;                  
textureDesc.Height = height;                  
textureDesc.MipLevels = 1;                  
textureDesc.ArraySize = 1;                  
textureDesc.Format = DXGI_FORMAT_B8G8R8A8_UNORM;                  
textureDesc.SampleDesc.Count = 1;                  
textureDesc.Usage = D3D11_USAGE_DEFAULT;                  
textureDesc.BindFlags = D3D11_BIND_SHADER_RESOURCE |     D3D11_BIND_RENDER_TARGET;                  
textureDesc.MiscFlags = D3D11_RESOURCE_MISC_GDI_COMPATIBLE;  
HRESULT hr = device->CreateTexture2D(&textureDesc, NULL, &m_flashTexture); 

Whenever I run this code (there is more to it but it is burried in a bunch of other classes, let me know if you think something else would be useful..) I get a blue screen of death that is caused somewhere in the flashPlayer->drawFrame() function. I have no idea what is causing the blue screen.

Any ideas or does any one see something that stands out that looks like it would cause a blue screen?


More Information

Here is the results from the crash dump

Use '!findthebuild' command to search for the target build information.
If the build information is available, run '!findthebuild -s ; .reload' to set symbol path and   load symbols.

FAULTING_MODULE: fffff80002c01000 nt


READ_ADDRESS: unable to get nt!MmSpecialPoolStart
unable to get nt!MmSpecialPoolEnd
unable to get nt!MmPoolCodeStart
unable to get nt!MmPoolCodeEnd

fffff880`0697c878 8b0408          mov     eax,dword ptr [rax+rcx]






LAST_CONTROL_TRANSFER:  from fffff80002c283bf to fffff80002c7dc40

fffff880`0a7e5878 fffff800`02c283bf : 00000000`00000050 fffff881`4061c6a0 00000000`00000000     fffff880`0a7e59e0 : nt+0x7cc40
fffff880`0a7e5880 00000000`00000050 : fffff881`4061c6a0 00000000`00000000 fffff880`0a7e59e0     00000000`00000005 : nt+0x273bf
fffff880`0a7e5888 fffff881`4061c6a0 : 00000000`00000000 fffff880`0a7e59e0 00000000`00000005 00000000`00000000 : 0x50
fffff880`0a7e5890 00000000`00000000 : fffff880`0a7e59e0 00000000`00000005 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 : 0xfffff881`4061c6a0

STACK_COMMAND:  .bugcheck ; kb

fffff880`0697c878 8b0408          mov     eax,dword ptr [rax+rcx]

SYMBOL_NAME:  igdpmd64+15a878

FOLLOWUP_NAME:  MachineOwner

MODULE_NAME: igdpmd64

IMAGE_NAME:  igdpmd64.sys


Followup: MachineOwner

Does anyone know what this means?

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Have you tried updating your video drivers? I'm not very knowledgeable in the area, but it doesn't sound to me like DirectX alone should be capable of causing a blue screen, even if used incorrectly. – Collin Dauphinee Feb 19 '12 at 0:07
no way to log or step with a debugger to the point closest to the crash? – Gubatron Feb 19 '12 at 0:11
Yup I tried that. And I agree I would not think it would be the way I used directx... you would think it would just be a normal error for that. – M. Laing Feb 19 '12 at 0:11
I was able to find a crash dump... I'll edit my post to include the data from that. I was able to step with a debugger and find that it happens somewhere in the DrawFrame. I don't like forcing my computer to a blue screen so I didn't keep trying to narrow it down more... – M. Laing Feb 19 '12 at 1:19
Please load symbols from the Microsoft symbol server, that will help track it down. – Yuhong Bao Jul 6 '12 at 19:52
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Any time you write a user space application and it causes a BSoD, then there is certainly a bug in some kernel level code (either the windows kernel itself, or some driver, in this case, it looks like igdpmd64.sys). Simply put, the OS should never, under any circumstances, crash due to something a user space application did. So I would look into whether or not there is an upgrade for this driver or not.

However, it is also probable that you have a bug in your code which is using DirectX incorrectly and is triggering this driver bug.

Certainly, I would try to create an absolutely minimal, complete program which triggers the crash. At the very least so you can submit it to the driver writers.

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