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If anyone has a better idea for a title, I'm all ears.

Here's a JSFiddle that demonstrates the problem: http://jsfiddle.net/VXsAg/

In a nutshell, I have an element with fixed height and stretch-to-contents width. If the contents are higher than the fixed height, there should be a vertical scrollbar. There should also be ONLY vertical scrollbar, because horizontally it can stretch as much as is needed anyway. Unfortunately I cannot get it to work in a cross-browser compatible way. Here's what I get (the top box is for reference, the bottom box demonstrates the problem):

In IE8, IE9 and Opera 11.60 it appears like this (very good):


In IE7, Chrome 17 and Firefoxes 3 & 10 it appears like this (disaster):


I can see why it happens (width is calculated before scrollbars are taken into account), but how can I work around it?

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Apparently nobody knows. Well, I solved it via javascript. Basically I did the autosizing part myself. I calculated the size of the contents; calculated the size of the scrollbar; and set the width explicitly.

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