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I am new to OAuth, but want to find a good way to start, and use a library that has wide support

What are the benefits and disadvantages of the following (there are probably more, but these are the Java based that I have found so far)

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spring social being the part of spring wagon might have good support, but if it comes to ease of use,flexibility and light weight i will go with scribe-java – Umesh Awasthi Feb 20 '12 at 12:15
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For java base library you can use Socialauth because it is easy to use with any java framework like struts, spring and it provides good support to its users.

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Socialauth is a good choice as it provides an abstraction layer to major social login providers. It is also updated regularly and is adding new providers.

I tried scribe but it seems it is going to drop out support to oAuth 2.

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