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I am working on some matrix problems and I'd really like the matrix outputs in the shell to look readable so I can see if the elements in it are correct. Currently I get stuff in scientific notation like 123.4345362e-102 and entire matrices of this are really distracting. Ideally, I'd like small enough numbers to round down to 0 and the rest to be decimals up to 4 places.

I did this before, too, but I can't remember how to do it! It was something similar to Decimal's getcontext().prec=3, where I set it in my code at the very top and all my output looked a certain way. It was very convenient!

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From Python Doc :

from decimal import *
getcontext().prec = 6
Decimal(1) / Decimal(7)
getcontext().prec = 28
Decimal(1) / Decimal(7)
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