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standard for VIM complete is to select the first item in the dropdown-box (and select the desired entry with up and down). i rather type on till the correct entry is the only one available.

this is done by:

set completeopt=longest,menuone 

problem: now i have to manually press to select the entry.

there is a mapping which simulates when the menu is open:

inoremap   pumvisible() ? '' : 
  \ '=pumvisible() ? "\Down>" : ""' 

inoremap   pumvisible() ? '' : 
  \ '=pumvisible() ? "\Down>" : ""' 


but it doesnt work for me. just does nothing. any idea?

(vim 7.2, win xp)

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Autocomplpop plugin: the completion menu is always visible with the first element highlighted.

It's not exactly what you want, but you can type until only one item is visible in the list then simply press enter to insert it.

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