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I know how to output lines of matched strings (result from find command) by simply using editor:MarkerNext():

function print_marked_lines()

    local ml = 0
    local lines = {}

    while true do
        ml = editor:MarkerNext(ml, 2)
        if (ml == -1) then break end
        table.insert(lines, (editor:GetLine(ml)))
        ml = ml + 1

    local text = table.concat(lines)


What I don't know is how to output only matched strings (not whole line as with posted snippet). I assume there is solution as matched strings are highlighted and must have some property which would allow extracting them, but I guess Scintilla knowledge is needed as I couldn't find any reference in provided SciTE bindings.

Example screenshot for find/match all regex pattern "I \w+":

enter image description here

I want to output (print to output pane) all highlighted string parts

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@theta, nasty question (at least it was for me) :)

The problem is that in the Scite GUI "find/replace" dialog, you use one regex syntax for match patterns, with backslash (say, \s); while in Scite lua functions, you use a different syntax for patterns, with percent sign (correspondingly, %s) - see my posting in Lua pattern matching vs. regular expressions - Stack Overflow. From there, you have these two references:

Correspondingly, code for your function ("to output (print to output pane) all highlighted string parts") would be:

function print_marked_lines()

  local sel = editor:GetSelText()

  for mymatch in sel:gmatch"I %w+" do -- note; a regex match!


Outputs this in output pane from your example text:

I don
I assume
I guess
I couldn

Hope this helps,

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Thanks for your nice answer. Unfortunately that would imply knowledge in yet another pattern syntax - Lua's. IMHO editor:findtext(regex) should be used and matched lines be additionally parsed for scintilla indicators - that was something I didn't know how to do. OTOH, some time after my question, SciTE introduced strip dialog which makes many things easily possible: scintilla.org/SciTELua.html (described at the bottom of the page). For example here is screenshot of wrapping sh and using grep to do above job: i.imgur.com/XogF9.png –  theta May 22 '12 at 15:38
Now reading linked page, seems like editor:match(text, [flags]) generator is the easiest way to go –  theta May 22 '12 at 15:51
Cheers @theta - didn't know about the new Scite dialog... –  sdaau May 22 '12 at 18:09

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