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I am using primefaces 2 and a backing bean to display the tree component in two different facelets pages. On the first page, the tree displays, expands, and I can select items from it just fine.

When I go to the second page, I can expand nodes if I first do not select one. Saying it a different way, I can select nodes after the tree is initially loaded but I am unable to expand any nodes once I select a node. Both pages use the same backing bean and p:tree tag definition as below. The only difference is what is being updated (update attribute). Not sure if that would be the issue but I get no errors in the console.

<p:tree id="orgTree" value="#{userAdminBean.orgTree}" var="node" dynamic="true" 
   nodeExpandListener="#{userAdminBean.onNodeExpand}" update="orgName,groupName,position"
   selectionMode="single" selection="#{userAdminBean.selectedOrgNode}"
         <h:outputText value="#{node}"/>
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Is the selection method being called on the server side? Is the nodeSelectListener method being called on the serverside? Are there are any script errors on the page? – maple_shaft Feb 20 '12 at 11:54
nodeSelectListener is called and there are no script errors. Interestingly enough, I see the @PostConstruct method being called when I try to expand a node on the second page. This should be ajax and since my backing bean is ViewScoped, there should be no called to PostConstruct when I expand a node. – Adam Fisher Feb 20 '12 at 21:27
I found out expanding a node is not considered a postback because the JSF isPostback() method returns false when I try to expand one. – Adam Fisher Feb 26 '12 at 5:32

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