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I'm trying to implement Facebook login to my website. I found a nice example here. but by following that example I don't get the "login with facebook" button with facebook theme (blue and white color) just as like when I just use:

<div class="fb-login-button" >Login with Facebook</div>

The example just use a plain html button. Is there a way to render a facebook login button by using the example on the link above? I know may be this is just a matter of creativity, any help would be appreciated. What bothers me actually, if I use the instead, how to render a facebook logout button. Because what I read here in Features and Functionality section point number 6 states that we must explicitly provide a log out button that will log out the user from Facebook too.

What could be retrieve from the response of FB.api('/me', function(response)? From the example above, I could retrieve the id and name of the authenticated user, what other information could I retrieve? could I retrieve gender, birthdate, etc..


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You mixed too much in one place, it's really better to separate what you asking as different questions. – Juicy Scripter Feb 19 '12 at 8:21

Yes you can get gender birthdays etc from graph API.

please take your time and explore the info at .

with proper access token you can get most useful informations.

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You really need to read documentation of user object of Graph API to get more information about fields of that object, since me is an alias to current user it have every field just like any other user object.

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