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How do i get the current size of the screen no matter the resolution change in xcode so that i can adjust my NSRect size to be maximized or take up the screen according to the resolution ? What do I need to add? Would it be something to the NSWindow?

 NSRect panelRect = [[self window] frame];
    panelRect.size.height = _HEIGHT;
    panelRect.size.width = _WIDTH;
    panelRect.origin.x = 0;
    panelRect.origin.y = 0;
    [[self window] setFrame:panelRect display:NO];


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Have you tried using [[NSScreen mainScreen] frame]? If you want to exclude the menubar, you can subtract the menubar height from the NSRect's height. (It's around 20 pixels)

Edit: If you want your window to be resized from the start, you can put the method above in your controller's awakeFromNib and use NSWindow's setFrame:display: to resize it.

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where would i put this in my code to try it? – Grant Wilkinson Feb 19 '12 at 19:16

You can use CGDisplayBounds, which returns a CGRect containing the screen's bounds (origin and size) in global coordinates.

You can use CGDisplayRegisterReconfigurationCallback to be notified when a display configuration changes, which includes when its resolution is changed.

Quartz Display Services Reference

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