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In my windows phone 7 app i have database-class generated by sqlmetal. in addition, i have class that helps to work with this database.

    public static IList<Task> GetTasks()
        IList<Task> tasks = new List<Task>();
        using (var context = new MyDBContext(ConnectionString))
           tasks = (from emp in context.Tasks select emp).ToList();
        return tasks;

this code return all posts from the database.

My questions:

  • 1) How I can get posts, for example, only with a specific date (datetime) or ID(int)?
  • 2) Is there any way to delete posts from the database?
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Try this:

tasks = from emp in context.Tasks 
        where emp.ID == yourId
        select emp;

To delete posts from te databse use DeleteOnSubmit(entity) method like:

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thank you very much! – tbsasa Feb 19 '12 at 7:51

1) You should add 'where' to your LINQ statement. Like this:

from emp in context.Tasks select emp where emp.Date == new DateTime(2011, 11, 11)

2) To delete posts from database you should do three simple steps:

  1. Get posts you want to delete from db

    tasks = from emp in context.Tasks select emp where emp.Date > new DateTime(2011, 11, 11)

  2. Call DeleteAllOnSubmit method of your DataContext object with our tasks to delete


  3. Call SubmitChahges method of your DataContext object.


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