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Hi fellow android developers,

I'm trying to implement a multi-pane layout as described here and an example implementation can be found in the codesample "HoneycombGallery".

The only thing I changed is, that instead of using the normal getFragmentManager() I use the support-libraries and therefore the "getSupportFragmentManager()". But now I have the following problem:

The getSupportFragmentManager().findViewById() returns a reference to a fragment even when the fragment is not on the screen :/

As you cann easily see, the example implementation uses this technique to differ between the to possibilyties, but the getSupportFragmentManager() returns a reference to a fragment in situations (for example after a orientation change and the second fragment disappeared as it is no longer in the layout) where it shouldn't.

Has anyone also tried to get Multi-Pane-Layout working with the support-Fragments and FragmentManager?

Any hint is highly appreciated :)

Cheers Ali3n

PS.: I could post some code if requested, but it actually is nearly the same code as in the example ...

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I fixed my problem, by not asking the FragmentManager for the fragment, instead I ask my layout for the view.

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I had the same problem and registered an issue on Android issue tracker. http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=40796

Please star if anyone having this issue.

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Thanks a lot. Voted on it and eager waiting for an answer :) –  Christoph Haefner Dec 6 '12 at 21:28

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