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i need to submit a query to search posts with a specific tag. the cell in the database is written this way : "funny tech good" so every word describe a tag. so i have writed this code in order to get a posts with the "funny" tag.

'SELECT * FROM `posts` WHERE `post_tag` = "funny" ORDER BY `post_id` DESC LIMIT 50'

unfortunately , it gives me no result. what is the problem in here?

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you could try WHERE post_tag LIKE 'funny%' .. which will show your records having 'funny' as starting text in your tag – DemoUser Feb 19 '12 at 8:11

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Use the LIKE keyword or store your tags in a 1-tag-per-entry fashion.

 SELECT * FROM `posts` WHERE `post_tag` LIKE "%funny%" ORDER BY `post_id` DESC LIMIT 50

This will however find tags, that have other tags included, so a search for "java" will also find "javascript",

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The query WHERE post_tag LIKE "%fun%" will also match "funny", "defunct", etc. But you're in luck, because MySQL also supports perl-style regular expressions and you can say

WHERE post_tag RLIKE "\bfun\b"

(Be sure the sql engine sees the backslashes). This will only match "fun" as a complete word.

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Try this.

SELECT * FROM `posts` WHERE `post_tag` LIKE  "%funny%" ORDER BY `post_id` DESC LIMIT 50'
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'SELECT * FROM `posts` WHERE `post_tag` LIKE "%funny%" ORDER BY `post_id` DESC LIMIT 50'

//OR to get tags starting with funny
'SELECT * FROM `posts` WHERE `post_tag` LIKE "funny%" ORDER BY `post_id` DESC LIMIT 50'


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