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What I want to do is create a small webpage with 3 links when a particular link is clicked it runs a particular ssh script through console

for example if I wanted to make "STOP" and when it's clicked it would go to a ssh script...say and that would just have stop in it, this would stop the server.

Is their an easy way to do this?

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Yes, You can run. Following methods allows your to run commands in shell

  1. shell_exec
  2. popen
  3. system
  4. exec
  5. pcntl_exec
  6. proc_open
  7. backtick (`)

Invoking shell is not a good practice. Try to use equivalent PHP functions.

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"Invoking shell is not a good practice" - well, it depends. If one is writing, say, a system administration console, then interfacing with the shell is necessary. – halfer Feb 19 '12 at 9:00

Check exec.

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