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Is there feature that will automatically break debugging on first exception occurrence?

So we

  1. start application
  2. do something that throw exception
  3. got IntelliJ popped up highlighted line where exception occurred.
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Run | View Breakpoints | Exception Breakpoints By http://twitter.com/intelliyole

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A fast way to pop up the dialog is to press Ctrl + SHIFT + F8 (On Mac: Cmd + SHIFT + F8), then click over to the exception breakpoints tab. If that was the last tab you were viewing, it'll still be selected, making it easy to flick breaking on exceptions on and off.

This will cause IntelliJ to break at the point in the code (or library code) where the exception was raised. Specifically, you get a 'first chance' at exception handling, before the stack is walked looking for catch/finally blocks to execute.

TIP: Java tends to throw a lot of exceptions internally when loading classes, so this breaking on all exceptions can become quite tedious. The good news is that you can exclude certain types of exception using the condition field.

For example:

!(this instanceof java.lang.ClassNotFoundException)

You can chain multiple such conditions together with &&.

enter image description here

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When exception occurs IDEA highlight not the correct line - what I can do? –  Vitaly Zdanevich Jun 19 '14 at 10:43
@VitalyZdanevich, I don't know. You should ask a new question. –  Drew Noakes Jun 19 '14 at 10:55
@VitalyZdanevich, recompile the program. debug-files are probably out of date –  Ilya Smagin Sep 24 '14 at 11:42
+1 for including ClassNotFoundException exclusion this has been rubbing my rhubarb for quite a while! –  Yoztastic Nov 19 '14 at 13:13

Yes, there is. You need to define an exception breakpoint (it can be "Any exception") in the breakpoints dialog in IntelliJ IDEA.

The exceptions can be filtered by condition or class if desired, or by whether you are interested in caught or uncaught exceptions.

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In IntelliJ IDEA 14 go to:

Run -> View Breakpoints -> Check "Java Exceptions Breakpoints" -> Uncheck "Caught Exceptions"

If you do not uncheck Caught Exceptions the execution will be stopped every time the Java Framework throws an internal exception.

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Run -> View Breakpoints... -> Check "Java Exceptions Breakpoints" -> Uncheck "Caught Exceptions" –  Jonas Feb 12 at 20:09
Edited to fix a typo. –  Tonatio Feb 17 at 12:47

If you click on the little "+" sign in the upper left corner, you can add a new breakpoint. If you select Exception Breakpoint, you get a little dialog where you can enter the exception class to break on (in case you don't want to break on all exceptions).

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