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I added some extra field to Joomla 2.5. Everything working great. For example, I added "country" to registration.xml (components/com_users/models/forms):

<field name="country" type="text"

But how to add a dropdown list? I want to give my users ability to select country from the list.

And similar question: I also added birthday field. How to add jQuery datepicker here?

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In my opinion you should not edit Joomla core files. This could break your installation in future updates.

Although I don't recommend it, take a look at Standard form field and parameter types @ Joomla Docs. At that page, see list for your dropdown list and calendar for your date.

Another way of adding extra fields would be with a extension. Check out:

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Joomla 2.5 has a 'profile' plugin to handle extra registration fields. You can edit that or write your own plugin. This avoids editing core files. Example of a country list using a database call (your database must have the table of counties). My table has country codes in two and three letters and I want to save the 3 letter code (example CAD).

            query="SELECT country_3_code as value, country_name as country FROM #__mycomponent_country 
            ORDER by country"
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For birthday use:

  label="Birth Day"
  description="My Desc." 

And for country use the SQL as mentioned by @Gord Fisch

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