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The code works until I try to order the slice with the asort function, I then just get a blank page when I run this. Any ideas?

$arange = range( 1 , 80, 1);


$shufl = array_slice($arange,  0, 5);

$sortshufl = asort($shufl, SORT_NUMERIC);

foreach ($sortshufl as $number) {

    echo "$number ";

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Enable error reporting and set it to E_ALL, that should tell you what's wrong. –  Jan Hančič Feb 19 '12 at 10:32

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asort() sorts the array in place and returns a boolean, so your result is in $shufl.

foreach( $shufl as $number ) {
    echo "$number ";

Enable PHP error reporting and you'll avoid the blank pages on errors.

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asort returns a boolean, not the sorted array. And it's meant for associative arrays.

Use the plain sort function (also returns a boolean, sorts the array "in place").

sort($shufl, SORT_NUMERIC);
foreach ($shufl as $number) {
    echo "$number ";
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Thank you both, I have error reporting enabled now, and my code is fixed :) –  Dee1983 Feb 19 '12 at 10:49

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