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There are countless questions about UIScrollViews, touch events and subviews, but I couldn't find one that solved my dilemma. I have a UIScrollView with delayed and cancellable content touches in which I have added UIButtons. I can scroll the view wherever I touch (including the buttons), but if my finger lingers on a button for too long, it registers as touching the button, as I want and is expected. However, if I then move my finger as if trying to scroll, the scroll view does not scroll - how can I make it do so? The basic effect I am trying to achieve is like a UITableView handles touches for the cells.

Thanks for your help.

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could you achieve something similar by customising table view cells and then using the built in capabilities of the table view? –  Remover Feb 19 '12 at 12:11
It's a 2d grid with buttons with rounded corners, custom gradient effects and shadows. If you can advise me on how to make it use cells then please post as an answer, but I thought it would be easier to do it via buttons in a scroll view. –  jrtc27 Feb 19 '12 at 13:01

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Try implementing the following in your UIScrollView subclass:

- (BOOL)touchesShouldCancelInContentView:(UIView *)view {   
    return YES;
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