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I am sure this must be easy for you people but I am troubling to get my theme option value into one of the variable.

In below code I have to use " " for value and that value I am allowing user to insert from wordpress theme option panel. I don't know how to set this so I can get theme option value in this variable.

$rate_size="echo get_option('mp_star_size')",

I have tried with

$rate_size="'.echo get_option('mp_star_size').'",

but its giving me syntax error so don't know what syntax I should use.

Alright here is more details what I am trying to get

Below code:




I want allow my theme user to select option from theme option panel in wordpress theme. So I want to set with echo get_option() something like that so I can get value from option panel to each parameter of this code.



            $stars_set="here is my theme option",
            $stars_size=here is my theme option,
            $stars_set_ie6="here is my theme option",
            $echo=here is my theme option

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$rate_size = get_option('mp_star_size');

echo is only for displaying content on the page.

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what about "" quote? as it is required wrap the value...its not getting output to the page – Code Lover Feb 19 '12 at 12:39
No, it isn't. The quotes delimit strings and get_option() returns a string, so you're good. Post the exact code you've used and the error you get. – Juhana Feb 19 '12 at 12:41
Error was my mistake. This is my theme option array( "name" => "Star Size", "desc" => "Select size for star ratings.", "id" => $shortname."_star_size", "type" => "select", "options" => array("12" => "12", "16" => "16", "20" => "20", "24" => "24", "30" => "30", "46" => "46"), "std" => "12"), prefix is mp and I am trying to connect with my posted code – Code Lover Feb 19 '12 at 12:52
This is the function what I am working on function article_ratings($class) { echo '<div class="'.$class.'">'; wp_gdsr_render_article( $template_id=0, $read_only=false, $stars_set="", $stars_size=0, $stars_set_ie6="", $echo=true ); wp_gdsr_render_article_thumbs( $template_id=0, $read_only=false, $stars_set="", $stars_size=0, $stars_set_ie6="", $echo=true ); echo '</div>'; } – Code Lover Feb 19 '12 at 12:52
Cool its working in many cases let me connect with all and get back to you again.. :) – Code Lover Feb 19 '12 at 13:06

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