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I have a DataTable imported from Excel file. Data i need is only unique from specific columns of the DataTable. The unique data i meant is like when a command DISTINCT is used in SQL Select Query. I want to get the list of the unique data from the DataTable Column and put them into List I think LinQ can be used for this matter but i'm not so familiar with it. I was thinking of code like this below

var data is from MyDataTable
  where MyDataTable.ColumnName = "SpecificColumn"
  select MyDataTable["SpecificColumn"]).UniqueData;

List<string> MyUniqueData = new List<string>();

foreach(object obj in data)

I hope someone can drop off some knowledge to me.

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var unique = data.Distinct().ToList();
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What you're looking for is .Distinct(). See MSDN documentation here. You can specify your own comparer if you need something specific and it will return only unique records.

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If you have a Datatable or DataView, inorder to get unique records from a column, you have to write this. this would be simple.

DataTable dtNew = dt.DefaultView.ToTable(true, "ColName"); // for Datatable

DataTable dtnew= dv.ToTable(true, "ColName"); // for DataView
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