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In CakePHP 1.3 I used

$users = $this->_fixtures['app.user']->records;

Is there a way in Cake 2.x to get access to the fixture data in the test?

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You can access to the fixture data by loading fixture class.

This is a bother way but I don't know how to access fixture data directly because $this->fixtureManager->_loaded is declared as protected.

// register fixture path
App::build(array('Fixture' => array('%s' . 'Test' . DS . 'Fixture' . DS)), App::REGISTER);

// load fixture
App::uses('UserFixture', 'Fixture');

class UserTestCase extends CakeTestCake {
    public function testUser() {
        // access fixture data
        $userFixture = new UserFixture();
        $users = $userFixture->records;
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