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I am trying to use MAXScript to delete all animation Keys from my scene using MAXScript. At the moment I am using the mouse and pressing CTRL + A to select all objects thus bringing up the keys for all objects in my scene. I am then selecting all Keys on the animation timeline using my mouse, and then selecting all keys on the timeline, and then deleting them. How do I do it in MAXScript?

I have found this in the MAXScript documentation, but I don't know how to use it:

deleteKeys <controller> [#allKeys | #selection]  

I tried using

deleteKeys globaltracks #allKeys

but that didn't seem to do anything.

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this is a method I posted as part of this challenge on CGTalk. I've modified it to delete all keys on animated controllers. It manipulates the built-in Trackbar custom filter functions to automatically iterate all controllers of all objects, instead of having to retrieve all controllers youself.

fn filterCallbackFunction theAnimatable theParent theSubAnimIndex theGrandParent theNode = 
    if isController theAnimatable do deleteKeys theAnimatable #allKeys

with redraw off
    trackbar.filter = #all
    local filtind = maxops.trackbar.registerFilter filterCallbackFunction undefined "." 1 active:on
    local sel = getCurrentSelection()
    select objects
    maxops.trackbar.redraw forceRedraw:on
    maxops.trackbar.unregisterfilter filtind        
    select sel

Edit: Sorry, or just use this :)

deleteKeys objects #allKeys
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Great works a treat! Seems a bit silly that one has to do all of this though. Thanks :) – Chendy Feb 20 '12 at 15:51
@SenthilSeveelavanan Come to think of it, deleteKeys is a mapped function, you could just use deleteKeys objects #allKeys. Sorry for overthinking it! :) P.S. if the solution(s) work for you please accept it as an answer. – Rotem Feb 20 '12 at 16:28

Without scripting: Hit Ctrl-A, then Main Menu > Animation > Delete selected animation

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max select all "Animation Tools" "DeleteSelectedAnimation"

or drag this code to a toolbar to make a macro!

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Welcome LoneRobot, and thanks for the constructive answer. I would mod up if I would know if it was correct (reviewing first time answers, not an expert on this). – Maarten Bodewes May 7 '12 at 23:14

OR to just delete keys from a limited group of objects try

for o in objects where matchpattern pattern:"*somename*" do deleteKeys o #allKeys

or select the objects to delete keys from and try this

for o in selection do deletekeys o #allkeys
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I used to delete all keys using this command:

deletekeys $*.controller #allkeys
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