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I want a simple behaviour from the caching mechanism, but I can't find a way to obtain it. I'd be fine with per-site or per-view caching, but I want some sort of control on when to invalidate cache.

For example, imagine that I have the simplest kind of site, a blog. Until I submit a new post, the frontpage doesn't change, so I'm ok with the HTML to be cached for days, but I'd like a way to say "refresh the cache now" whenever I submit a new post, so that the first call to my site after the new submission doesn't use the cached HTML but produces a new page that is going to be used till my next blog post.

How to do this? Thanks


cache.clear() works well and as expected, but I'd like a more "specific" option where I can specify what view to expire, not the whole cache. thanks.

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Looks like this will work. There is some more in depth explanation in that thread as well.

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You can also take a look at advanced caching solutions like cacheops or cache-machine. These will handle invalidation for you.

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