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I have a button on page x and page y that redirects to page z. On page z, I have a form that needs filling out. Upon saving, I want to redirect to page x or y (whichever one I was on initially).

Normally, you use "redirect" in the view, and specify the page you want to redirect to. But what would you do in a case like this?

Any ideas?


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You can use GET parameters to track from which page you arrived to page z. So when you are arriving normally to page z we remember from which page we came. When you are processing the form on page z, we use that previously saved information to redirect. So:

The button/link on page y should include a parameter whose value is the current URL:

<a href="/page_z/?from={{ request.path|urlencode }}" />go to form</a>

Then in page_z's view you can pass this onto the template:

def page_z_view(self, request):
    return render_to_response('mytemplate.html', { 'from' : request.GET.get('from', None) })

and in your form template:

<form action="{% if from %}?next={{ from }}{% endif %}" />

So now the form - when submitted - will pass on a next parameter that indicates where to return to once the form is successfully submitted. We need to revist the view to perform this:

def page_z_view(self, request):
    if request.method == 'POST':
        # Do all the form stuff
        next = request.GET.get('next', None)
        if next:
            return redirect(next)
    return render_to_response('mytemplate.html', { 'from' : request.GET.get('from', None)}
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so my button on page y should be something like this: <input type="button" value="Add" onClick="location.href='/page_z?from=%2Fpage_y'"> ? For some reason that isn't working. For one, my form no longer saves even though the "next" is under my if form valid.. And I am being redirected to the original welcome page.. although that's the wrong page to begin with.. i dont even kno where it got that from lol.. – JohnnyCash Feb 19 '12 at 20:14
I've updated the answer - I had put in an extra / in the <form action .... There are two stages here. One when you initially arrive on the empty form page and the URL from which you arrived is embedded in the <form action=... to be picked up in the second stage - when the form is actually submitted. It's kinda hard to explain! Just remember that your view_z is getting executed two times - first when arriving, second when submitting – Timmy O'Mahony Feb 19 '12 at 20:36
thank you :) only one quick correction: in your <form action="..... it is {% endif %} not endform.. I'm sure it's just a typo though! well done! and thanks again – JohnnyCash Feb 19 '12 at 20:50

Store information about the pages your user has been visiting, so you can retrieve it later. Probably the best place to do that is in the session.

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