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I'm using Selenium WebDriver (WebDriver.dll) v2.19.0 and I need to verify that an element has been removed from the DOM.

How can I verify that an element is no longer in the DOM?

I have an RemoteWebDriver which I'm using to get a reference to a div which has a delete button in it. When this button is clicked, some JavaScript deletes the div and I need to confirm that the div is no longer in the DOM. The div is not unique within the DOM, the are many like to. Is there a way to query the web driver so see if that element is still present?

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I don't know what language you use (WebDriver.dll seems like c# or something?). But this works for every language I think. One solution could be that you call the findElement() method of WebDriver and try to get the div-element. If the div is no longer attached to the DOM you get an ElementNotFoundException. I know it is not a good design but it can be a solution in this situation: You could catch the exception and then you know that the div is no longer attached to the DOM (i know, the purpose of exceptions is not program logic like this).

Another solution can be that you query the source code with getPageSource() method. then you can parse the source yourself with XML-Parsers if your element is still attached to the DOM.

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