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How can I add an HyperLink in a TRichEdit (using Delphi).

I need to have something like:

"This is my text, click here to do something."

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According to this article on delphi.about.com

Unfortunately, Delphi's implementation of the RichEdit control leaves out a lot of the functionality found in more recent versions of this control (from Microsoft).

You can add your own functionality as discussed here.

NOTE: Delphi 2009 has just been released, so the TRichEdit control may have been updated to support mode features.

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If you really want hyperlinks and more, you could check out TRichView. There is a good demonstration of its capabilities at link text.

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The richedit in Infopower supports hyperlinks.

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i don't know if it's mentioned in the About.com article but i think it's worth mentioning that the hyperlink in TRichEdit only works if the TRichEdit itself is directly placed on the form (not in a panel).


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It is mentioned in the about.com article; they even present a workaround for it. –  Martijn Jul 3 '10 at 17:05

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