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I'm working on an user interaction class that uses a set of driver classes to handle user interaction in different "environments":

  • Shell to handle interaction inside shell
  • JSON to handle interaction through Ajax/JSON messages
  • foo to handle interaction between regular page loads

What name should I use in place of foo ?


I ask this because I don't know if an accurate term for foo exists at all and googling for something you don't even know exists will rarely have any success :)

The classes are currently named like InteractiveShellHandler and InteractiveJSONHandler. Interactive is the name of the main library.

Ideally, I'd like to follow the same naming convention that is used widely in the project but if a better one comes up that allows a sane name for foo and others, I can change it for this library.

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I would name the command line interface (shell) interface CLI, and the web interface HTTP. The AJAX interface would extend HTTP

  • Request\Cli
  • Request\Http
  • Request\Http\Ajax
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Thank you for your suggestion. Although I too considered HTTP, I need to follow some naming conventions and HTTP and HTTP/Ajax don't fit that well. I was hoping that a specific term for this existed that I'd missed due to my limited vocabulary. If nothing else comes up, I will probably use HTTP and mark your answer accepted. –  Pichan Feb 19 '12 at 19:02

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