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I have the following expression in a latex file

\begin{dfn} \tag{Diagram $𝗗$ over a trisp $\Delta$}
          \label{dfn:Diagram D over a trisp Delta}

now i want to substitute all the spaces in the brackets on the second line with :. my idea was to visual select the expression by v% while being on one of the brackets and then :s/\ /:/g but this replaces all whitespaces and results in


which results in the task of removing the : before the \label{…} as vim is a very powerful editor - there should be an easier way, that I don't know yet.

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Go to the first {, press v, press %. This will visually select the text between { and }. Then press : and enter s/\%V\ /:/g in your minibar. See this for explanation:

Note that otherwise g will replace all on the current line.

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i knew about the g replacing all on the line - but the \%V is new to me –  epsilonhalbe Feb 19 '12 at 19:46

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