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How can I force ddt to show me stacktrace? I can only see parts of templates in which queries are executed. But there are no views which generates queries. I set


in settings but this does not help me. I have version 0.9.4.

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I have the same problem after upgrading to DDT 0.9.4. I upgraded because Django 1.4 had some incompatibilities with 0.8.x. The stacktraces are what I use the toolbar the most to find where I can reduce queries. –  Andrew Swihart Mar 30 '12 at 1:07

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Allow myself to quote... myself:

You can patch your 0.9.4 install by changing debug_toolbar/panels/sql.py:197 to read

params = map(escape, os.path.split(frame[0]) + frame[1:])

(and import os.path somewhere above).

It looks like this issue was fixed in 12fdf7e (render_stacktrace).

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