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I am learning PHP by myself for doing my final year project, but I cant figure it out how to display images on my website if the image is in my ftp. I know how to do in html using local host, but I dont know how to do it on my specific remote host.

I am currently using the code:

echo '<img src="'.public_html/logo.gif.'" style=width:"' . 300 . 'px;height:' . 280 . 'px;">';

If I right click on the image on my directory and select copy url it gives me:


but if I put all of that it still doesnt work. I am using lunar pages host recommended by w3schools.

If someone has any idea of how to fix my problem, please reply. I read some tutorials, my image display incorrectly. The website I started to develop is smartdatabasesystem.com

Thank you :-)

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I am using: Sorry, it did not displayed above -> echo '<img src="'.public_html/logo.gif.'" style=width:"' . 300 . 'px;height:' . 280 . 'px;">'; –  learnerNo1 Feb 19 '12 at 18:58

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Your FTP host and HTTP host are the same machine (both "local"), but the FTP root directory (and protocol - ftp://, obviously) are different. Your http root directory is INSIDE your public_html directory, so your logo is available at:


Basically, for your server set up (this will be different on different servers), you can presume that any time you have an FTP location of ftp://smart206@smartdatabasesystem.com/public_html/[SOMETHING], the resource will be available at http://smartdatabasesystem.com/[SOMETHING]. If the file is below the /public_html/ directory, then the resource will not be available to the outside world through HTTP.

Also, Lunar pages is a fine host, but you might catch some flack for taking any suggestions from w3chools... they're not exactly well respected by more senior developers :)

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That works perfectly, but when it comes to my actual code to display on my website, it gives me an error and does not display the image. :-( even with the code: echo '<img src="'.smartdatabasesystem.com/logo.gif.'"; style=width:"' . 300 . 'px;height:' . 280 . 'px;">'; –  learnerNo1 Feb 19 '12 at 19:14
Your code is not formatted correctly. The src property must either be absolute, relative, relative to root, or protocol-relative: src='http://smartdatabasesystem.com/logo.gif' OR src='../logo.gif' (assuming that your file is one directory above the logo) OR src='/logo.gif' OR src='//smartdatabasesystem.com/logo.gif' –  Ben D Feb 19 '12 at 19:18
Also, your php string concatenation is messed up... strings must be wrapped in quotes, and there is no reason for you to be concatenatinating in any case. Your PHP should be: <? echo '<img src="http://smartdatabasesystem.com/logo.gif"; style="width:300px;height:280px;">'; –  Ben D Feb 19 '12 at 19:20
Thank you very much, Ben. You solved my problem! :-) –  learnerNo1 Feb 19 '12 at 20:07

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