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I've been grappling with some negative lookahead and lookbehind patterns to no avail. I need a regex that will match everything in a string before two forward slashes, unless said characters are in quotes.

For example, in the string "//this is a string//" //A comment about a string about strings, the substring "//this is a string//" ought to be matched and the rest ignored. As you can see, the point is to exclude any single-line comments (C++/Java style). Thanks in advanced.

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How about


It will match // if it is not followed by either a " or a '. It's not exactly what you requested, but closely meets your requirements. It will only choke on comments that contain " or ', like

// I like "bread".

Maybe better than no solution.

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I think this should work just fine, thanks! – Zack Mullaly Feb 19 '12 at 20:41

Here you go:

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A python/regex based comment remover I wrote a while back, if it's helpful:

def remcomment(line):
  for match in re.finditer('"[^"]*"|(//)', line):
      return line[:match.start()].rstrip()
  return line
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