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I'm using Devise in a Rails app and want to expose some of the model data via an API, but access to the API should be restricted just like the app.

$ curl http://myapp.com/api/v1/sales/7.json
{"error":"You need to sign in or sign up before continuing."}


Is there a best practice for accessing the API in situations like this? I'd prefer to authenticate + grab the data in one step, but that's just to make the client's job easier. They'll be pulling in the data client-side with JQuery.

Thanks for any info!

  • Vanessa
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My suggestion would to generate an API "key" (hash value) and have that passed with the json request. That way you can authenticate and track API use. A lot of APIs use "keys" to track and authenticate use. Google maps for instance, they use just an API key. Where as PayPal uses a user name, password, and key. There are a number of ways to do it.

I would try creating a one-to-many table that belongs to the user, just for keys. That way a user can generate more than one hash key for different purposes. (One for reports, one for backup, one for fancy pie charts that automagically pull from Powerpoint).

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I recommend you follow the Option 2: Using API Key section on the following post to implement API authentication in Rails.

It's lightweight and simply requires passing an api_key param with each request.

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