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I'm making an Application on the desktop and I would like iPhone to act as it's remote?

What are ways in which I could control the mouse using an iPhone?

I could connect iPhone and Desktop using bonjour or sockets? but not sure how the controlling of mouse would work?

Could someone put some light on this? it would be a great help.


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Is your question simply how to have an iPhone application communicate to an app running on OSX/Windows? Or is it how to have an application running on a machine, control the mouse of the machine it's running on? Breaking your question down into the most basic parts would be helpful! –  Kitsune Feb 19 '12 at 22:22
Yes, I'd like both. Firstly, how I could connect the phone and desktop? and then how I could control the mouse to interact with application running on the desktop? –  Haroon Feb 19 '12 at 22:30

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Bonjour is a network discovery service. You communicate from one network device to another network device via a socket (IP and port) that reprents your application on that device. What you need is to send individual command from the iPhone to your desktop. Commands that your app on the desktop will use to make the mouse move in a particular direction, or get clicked. Your best bet is to study the WiTap sample app from Apple.

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