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I have the following in a partial in a Rails 3.2 app using formtastic gem

<%= f.semantic_fields_for :bucket do |bucket| %>
                       <%= bucket.inputs do %>
                               <%= bucket.input :bucket_name, :collection => @buckets,
                               :include_blank => false %>
                               <%= bucket.input :sub_directory, :collection =>
                               :include_blank => false %>
                       <% end %>
               <% end %>

right now in my controller I can get :bucket_name and the value is == to an integer, In my case I only have one item in my collection but it is giving me a value of 2. My guess is this is the ID value of the object.

it's important that I get the actual :name string value of the object that is selected in the collection. I am not sure how to do this. so let's say the item I select has a label of "my label" and it's the 3rd item in the collection. how would I grab the value "my label".

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By default, select inputs will use the id attribute of the model as the value attribute of the <option> tags, and it ties various methods on the object for the contents of the option tag such as to_label, name, and to_s.

You can change both with the :member_value and :member_label options respectively (these were called :value_method and :label_method in older versions.

The details of each option are in the documentation for the select input, which I assume you haven't looked at :)


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It seems like accessing the object in the DB by using the value passed from the select menu does the trick. I was never able to pass the actual label value. would love to see an example if you have on. –  mattwallace Feb 20 '12 at 14:13

:member_value and :member_label are deprecated from v3 onwards of Formtastic.

Easiest way is to modify the collection passed into the input. See the example from formtastic github page

 f.input :author,  :as => :select,      :collection => Author.pluck(:first_name, :id)

Here the first_name is the label and id is the value for the select options

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